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[Chicken-users] sendfile.egg

From: foobar
Subject: [Chicken-users] sendfile.egg
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:49:56 +0200
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Good morning everyone,

i'd like to request an svn-directory for a sendfile.egg.
As the name suggests the egg is meant to make the sendfile
systemcall available in chicken.
As sendfile is a subject to portability issues and not supported
on some systems the egg will provide fallback functions to be used
instead. If sendfile isn't nativly available, it will try to transmit
the data using mmaped io, if this fails or isn't available as well,
it falls back to a simple read-write-loop.

The sendfile-call is currently implemented for
gnu-linux,FreeBSD and Solaris. Mmapped IO is implemented
for all posix-compliant systems and read-write for all systems
supported by chicken.

I'm working on a way to accomplish zero-copy semantic, as
sendfile has, for NetBSD with the kind help of the growing
crowd of NetBSD developers at #chicken. :)

best regards

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