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[Chicken-users] Cairo binding: The code

From: Luke McCarthy
Subject: [Chicken-users] Cairo binding: The code
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 20:10:39 +0100
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There wasn't much interest in my last e-mail so I'll use my discretion.

The diff was bigger than the files so I've attached them as-is. Extact in the 
Cairo egg directory which you can fetch with:
svn co

This new version is not fully compatible with the old version due to improved 
Schemification of the API.

Things I forgot to mention in my last e-mail:

* You can create a garbage-collected cairo_matrix_t:
  (let ([m (make-cairo-matrix)])
    (cairo-matrix-translate m 10.2 -5.4)
    (cairo-matrix-rotate m (/ pi 2))
    (cairo-set-matrix cr m))
  It can be converted to and from vector or f64vector.

* I've made no attempt to support system-specific functions e.g. Xlib or Win32
  surfaces and FreeType fonts. Usually this is handled in a C library such as
  GTK but I could add them if there is any demand.

* Replaced use of deprecated features in Chicken such as pointer (c-pointer)
  and byte-vector (blob).

* Not everything is tested. This is a big project in itself. The testing I
  have done is limited to the use of Cairo in my own project (which makes use
  of fonts and linear/radial patterns).

* Only tested on x86 32-bit - this is all I have.

* Documentation is still non-existent but nearly everything should work just
  like in C.

Have fun...

Luke McCarthy

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