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[Chicken-users] string-translate and utf-8

From: Sunnan
Subject: [Chicken-users] string-translate and utf-8
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 13:40:32 +0100
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I'm updating old code that used to work:

(require-extension syntax-case utf8 srfi-1 utf8-srfi-13 miscmacros)

;(import utf8)
;(import utf8-srfi-13) ;(commented out since they're not needed anymore?)
(use utf8-srfi-13)  ;(I've tried with and without this line)

(string-translate " i " "ö " "o_") ;; this should eval to "_i_"

but i get Error: (vector-ref) out of range, I guess because it reads the
multi-byte characters (i.e. #\ö) as multiple entries in the vector.

My chicken is from debian, see:
Version 3.2.7 - linux-unix-gnu-x86-64   [ 64bit manyargs dload ptables 
applyhook hostpcre ]
compiled 2008-08-21 on debian (Linux)

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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