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[Chicken-users] newbie: using hart- unbound variable: hart-parse

Subject: [Chicken-users] newbie: using hart- unbound variable: hart-parse
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 12:05:36 +0100
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Hello all,

I just tried to compile the HART example

% cat hartex.scm
(use hart)
(define people '((Fred address@hidden 25) (Mary address@hidden 33)))

(hart (html (head (title "People"))
           (body (h1 (fmt: "A list of ~a people" (length people)))
                 (if: (null? people)
                      (h2 "No people!")
                      (ol (for: ((name email age) people)
                            (li (a (@ (href (conc "mailto:"; email)))
                                   (text: name))
                                (fmt: ", who is ~a years old." age))))))))

% chicken-setup -ls hart /var/lib/chicken/3/hart.scm

% csc hartex.scm -o hartex Error: during expansion of (hart ...) - unbound variable: hart-parse

   Call history:

<syntax> (begin (hart (html (head (title "People")) (body (h1 (fmt: "A list of ~a people" (length people))) (if... <syntax> (hart (html (head (title "People")) (body (h1 (fmt: "A list of ~a people" (length people))) (if: (nu......
   <eval>        (##sys#list (quote noop) (apply hart-parse forms))
   <eval>        (apply hart-parse forms)    <--
*** Shell command terminated with exit status 1: /usr/bin/chicken hartex.scm -output-file hartex.c -quiet

I am obviously missing something obvious, but what? I thought that the use directive is enhancing the enviroment, including macro & syntax extension, at compile time!


PS. Apologies for asking so many newbie questions!

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