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[Chicken-users] calling CHICKEN_eval from different threads

From: Jan Baumgart
Subject: [Chicken-users] calling CHICKEN_eval from different threads
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 03:19:46 +0100
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Is it possible, to make subsequent calls to CHICKEN_eval from within different nonreentrant(!) threads? I'm a newbie to chicken and to multithreading, so I don't know, if this is a bug, a "dont do" or just my fault... When running only one thread everything works fine, but the next call to CHICKEN_eval from another thread
never returns.

Here's a stack trace:
#0      0x9000198c in sigprocmask
#1      0x900324dc in sigsetmask
#2      0x900c795c in longjmp
#3      0x05bd63a0 in C_save_and_reclaim
#4      0x059b9864 in f_15896
#5      0x0599182c in tr4
#6      0x05bd3984 in C_callback
#7      0x05bd3a1c in C_callback_wrapper
#8      0x059f366c in CHICKEN_eval_string

chicken version is 3.5.0 compiled with gcc-4.0.1 on OS X 10.4.11


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