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[Chicken-users] Could we keep old URLs in the wiki working?

From: Alejandro Forero Cuervo
Subject: [Chicken-users] Could we keep old URLs in the wiki working?
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 00:29:55 +0200
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When I moved all users in the wiki from /foo to /users/foo, I took the
time to create symlinks from the old locations to the new, so that
people using the old URLs would be automatically redirected to the
right (new) location.  People would gradually update their bookmarks
and search engines would gradually notice that things have moved and
everything would be fine and dandy.

I've just noticed, however, that someone went and erased all the
symlinks, which serves absolutely no purpose other than causing
headaches for systems that still use the old links.  For example,
searching for "mario domenech goulart" on Google lists as the second
result.  This result used to work, redirecting to the correct page.
Now it takes you to a stupid edit form.

So could we please just restore these links?  If the names (eg.
"/mario%20doemenech%20goulart") eventually gets needed for something
(for example, that becomes the name of something other than a user of
Chicken, lets say the name of the official manual or something) we can
*then* remove the symlink and use it for the purpose needed.  Until
then, why break things that were working?

This same comments applies to URLs for eggs and for manual pages and
everything else.  For example, all the URLs for all my eggs in the
Chicken wiki were just broken when someone decided to move /egg-foo to
/eggref/N/egg-foo without providing symlinks.  Now most links to the
documentation for my eggs are broken.  Perhaps link /egg to
/eggref/N/egg, where N is the latest version for which it is

No, I'm not volunteering my time to fix this mess.  I had actually
spent some time fixing this in the past for the users pages (which
involved some transformations in the names of the links to make them
more svnwiki-friendly).  I'm merely asking for a stop to the nonsense
in the way the Chicken wiki is being handled.

Please see



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