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[Chicken-users] qt & dbus patches

From: Andrei Barbu
Subject: [Chicken-users] qt & dbus patches
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 18:37:45 -0400


The patch to the qt egg is at
The build system for the svn version is hopelessly broken on my
machines (a fairly standard Gentoo amd64, and a standard Debian Lenny
install), so I replaced it with the one that I'm using. I'm willing to
bet that this breaks building on Windows.

A quick note while I'm at it:
(define prefix (program-path))
(define binpath (make-pathname prefix "bin"))
;; Note that binpath points to the wrong location on my system
(define csc (make-pathname "/usr/bin/" ;; binpath
I wonder why that is.

dbus ported to v4 is a ' git clone ' away. You should be able to
add that to the repository after removing the debian directory.


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