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[Chicken-users] Conferences in Germany within the next few months

From: Moritz Heidkamp
Subject: [Chicken-users] Conferences in Germany within the next few months
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 17:23:43 +0200

Fellow Chickeneers,

first of all: I think this is the first time I post to this list (I
mainly participated in the community as DerGuteMoritz in #chicken on
freenode so far) so I'd like to say hello to everyone who doesn't know
me yet. I really enjoy my time hacking Scheme and especially Chicken, so
thanks to everyone here for maintaining this cool implementation and
above all the nice community surrounding it! I plan on contributing more
eggs to the nest whenever time permits -- or writing (more)
documentation for those I have already contributed, for that matter ;-)

However, regarding the topic of this message: There are a few FLOSS or
general hacking related conferences coming up in Germany within the next
few months and I plan on attending a few of those. I thought it would be
a nice opportunity to meet some fellow Chickenauts, knowing that there
are quite a few Germans among us and maybe even some of you foreigners
might consider visiting us here in the middle of Europe (you may have
heard of it). 

The following conferences are on my radar so far (further additions
welcome, of course). Feel free to contact me privately or reply to the
list about whether you'll be attending and if you'd like to meet up for
a Chicken Chat :-)

SIGINT: May 22-24 in Cologne

LinuxTag: June 9-12 in Berlin

FrOSCon: August 21-22 in St. Augustin (near Cologne)

For FrOSCon I even considered having a Chicken Scheme stand --
registration is open until the end of May. I'll be attending both days
and live in Cologne, so it would be no problem for me to maintain
it. But it would be boring to do it all on my own so let me know what
you gals and guys think!


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