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[Chicken-users] tinyclos fails to install ...

From: Matthew Welland
Subject: [Chicken-users] tinyclos fails to install ...
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 15:24:27 -0700
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I don't see any options to force chicken-install to use an older version of 
an egg. Is my only option to either manually get the older egg or manually 
make a new chicken?

sudo chicken-install tinyclos
checking dependencies for `tinyclos' ...
install order:
installing tinyclos: ...
changing current directory to /tmp/chicken-install-2e0.tmp/tinyclos
  /usr/bin/csi -bnq -setup-mode -e "(require-library setup-api)" -e "(import 
setup-api)" -e "(extension-name-and-version '(\"tinyclos\" \"\"))" 
  /usr/bin/csc -feature compiling-extension -setup-mode   tinyclos.scm -s -j 
tinyclos -disable-interrupts -fixnum-arithmetic -no-procedure-checks-for-
toplevel-bindings -no-bound-checks -O3 -d1
csc: invalid option `-no-procedure-checks-for-toplevel-bindings'

Error: shell command failed with nonzero exit status
"/usr/bin/csc -feature compiling-extension -setup-mode   tinyclos.scm -s -j 
tinyclos -disable-interrupts -fixnum-arithmetic -no-procedure-checks-for-
toplevel-bindings -no-bound-checks -O3 -d1"
Error: shell command terminated with nonzero exit code
"/usr/bin/csi -bnq -setup-mode -e \"(require-library setup-api)\" -e 
\"(import s...

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