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[Chicken-users] Geiser support improved

From: Dan Leslie
Subject: [Chicken-users] Geiser support improved
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 10:16:40 -0800

Thanks to some quality bug reporting the Geiser support for Chicken has
been greatly sped up. Overall typing speed and completion response is
far superior to the previous state of affairs.

Please ensure you have the latest apropos and chicken-doc eggs
installed; which can be done via:

    chicken-install apropos chicken-doc 
    cd `csi -p '(chicken-home)'` && curl | tar zx

If you use the venerable use-package for Emacs then installing Geiser
is as easy as:

    (use-package geiser)

Geiser supports multiple scheme implementations, and so you may select
Chicken for the current buffer via geiser-set-scheme. If you're so
inclined, Chicken support can be auto-detected by adding the following
comment to the top of the source file:

    ;; -*- geiser-scheme-implementation: 'chicken

Have fun!

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