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[Chicken-users] Static CHICKEN for variety of Linux + Windows platforms

From: Zach van Rijn
Subject: [Chicken-users] Static CHICKEN for variety of Linux + Windows platforms
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2019 19:28:20 -0500

Hi all,

If it may be of interest, I've cross-built CHICKEN statically
(against musl [1]) for a variety of Linux platforms, and both
32- and 64-bit Windows via MinGW-W64 on Linux.

The latest release will always be available here:

Presently that points to:

I haven't had a chance yet to test each of these, however, the
following Linux ports are available for testing:

  * aarch64-linux-musleabi
  * aarch64_be-linux-musl
  * arm-linux-musleabi
  * arm-linux-musleabihf
  * armeb-linux-musleabi
  * armeb-linux-musleabihf
  * armel-linux-musleabi
  * armel-linux-musleabihf
  * armv5l-linux-musleabihf
  * armv7l-linux-musleabihf
  * armv7m-linux-musleabi
  * armv7r-linux-musleabihf
  * i486-linux-musl
  * i686-linux-musl
  * m68k-linux-musl
  * microblaze-linux-musl
  * microblazeel-linux-musl
  * mips-linux-musl
  * mips-linux-musln32sf
  * mips-linux-muslsf
  * mips64-linux-musl
  * mips64-linux-musln32
  * mips64-linux-musln32sf
  * mips64el-linux-musl
  * mips64el-linux-musln32
  * mips64el-linux-musln32sf
  * mipsel-linux-musl
  * mipsel-linux-musln32
  * mipsel-linux-musln32sf
  * mipsel-linux-muslsf
  * or1k-linux-musl
  * powerpc-linux-musl
  * powerpc-linux-muslsf
  * powerpc64-linux-musl
  * powerpc64le-linux-musl
  * powerpcle-linux-musl
  * powerpcle-linux-muslsf
  * riscv32-linux-musl
  * riscv64-linux-musl
  * s390x-linux-musl
  * sh2-linux-musl
  * sh2-linux-muslfdpic
  * sh2eb-linux-musl
  * sh2eb-linux-muslfdpic
  * sh4-linux-musl
  * sh4eb-linux-musl
  * x86_64-linux-musl
  * x86_64-linux-muslx32

and of course Windows (these _may_ be broken, as they require
stubbing out a handful of symbols related to [2]; please let me
know if something doesn't work right):

  * i686-w64-mingw32
  * x86_64-w64-mingw32

It is recommended to download the tarball(s) available above, as
opposed to individual files (though those are available for
perusal as a convenience). These should be extracted into
/usr/local, but with additional fiddling may work elsewhere.

Binaries were built using xstatic [3], though the code available
online is pre-alpha and will be cleaned up in due course.

Please report issues/bugs to me directly.



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