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[Chicken-users] Error installing egg, but only on Raspbian

From: Christoph Lange
Subject: [Chicken-users] Error installing egg, but only on Raspbian
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 09:20:59 +0100

I adapted the Telebot (Telegram client) egg to be installable as Chicken 5 egg:

This works fine to install on my Arch Linux (Chicken installed via packet manager) to install via chicken-install -s.

On my Raspberry Pi 3+ I installed Chicken 5.0 from the installation archive of the Chicken home page. When I try to install Telebot via chicken-install -s, I get the very short (concise?! ;-) error message:

  Error: (assq) bad argument type: #!eof

... with no information whatsoever, where something goes wrong. I read, that the exhausted file pointer will show #!eof instead of () now in Chicken 5.

I'm a bit lost here as to where to start looking to solve this. Any suggestions / comments?

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