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Re: [Chicken-users] Gnuplot pipe

From: Mario Domenech Goulart
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Gnuplot pipe
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 07:08:09 +0100

Hi Francesco,

On Fri, 18 Jan 2019 16:17:08 +0100 Francesco Montanari <address@hidden> wrote:

> I put together a simple interface to Gnuplot, basically popen() with a
> couple of procedures to plot lists. The motivation is mainly to draw
> exploratory plots from the interpreter. If you think this may be
> useful as an egg I'm happy to add wiki documentation. Comments
> welcome.
> (Note that for those who have octave installed, the octave egg already
> provides a gnuplot interface.)

Thanks a lot.  Your egg has been added to the coop.

If you have a chance, please consider porting it to CHICKEN 5 too.

All the best.

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