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[Classpath-inetlib] IMAPConnection(SocketFactory, String host, int port,

From: Daniel Harvey
Subject: [Classpath-inetlib] IMAPConnection(SocketFactory, String host, int port, ..)
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 13:29:11 -0700

To allow the user to switch between IMAP/443 and
SSL-IMAP/993, I've added this constructor to gnu.inet.imap.IMAPConnection.

Note this is a different protocol than starttls().

I'd prefer if the recently added starttls code were changed to
take a SocketFactory instead of a TrustManager, to eliminate the
requirement of needing to find the TrustManager class at compile

In my case, the sockets returned by the SocketFactory use my
custom TrustManager.  Thanks.

   * Creates a new connection.
   * @param factory SocketFactory
   * @param host the name of the host to connect to
   * @param port the port to connect to
  public IMAPConnection (SocketFactory factory, String host, int port,
                         int connectionTimeout, int timeout, boolean debug)
    throws UnknownHostException, IOException
      this.debug = debug;
      // TODO connectionTimeout
      if (port < 0)
          port = DEFAULT_PORT;
      socket = factory.createSocket(host, port);
      if (timeout > 0)
          socket.setSoTimeout (timeout);
      InputStream in = socket.getInputStream ();
      in = new BufferedInputStream (in); = new IMAPResponseTokenizer (in);
      OutputStream out = socket.getOutputStream ();
      out = new BufferedOutputStream (out);
      this.out = new CRLFOutputStream (out);
      asyncResponses = new ArrayList ();
      alerts = new ArrayList ();

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