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Re: [Classpath-inetlib] imap and ssl, again

From: Ruben Malchow
Subject: Re: [Classpath-inetlib] imap and ssl, again
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 18:49:07 +0200
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thanks for adding the non-negotiated stuff.

The most restrictive would reject all certificates. The starttls method with no arguments would be redundant; you couldn't use it.

i had the impressoion that the 1.0 code would accept all certificates.
maybe i was wrong. what i meant by "most restrictive" is that it should
accept certs based on the vm-wide, default key/cert store.

We could provide the ability to specify a KeyManager as well. This would only be useful, though, if the server used SSL authentication to authenticate the user. In my experience that hasn't been the case, although perhaps it's a feature server vendors are starting to implement? However, the IMAPConnection would need to intercept that exchange in order to determine whether authentication had taken place, so you couldn't simply provide a configured SSLContext.

true. so i guess there's no way to do this in a simple way. client certificates are not really required in my opinion. there still are others mechanisms for authenticating the client. when i was talking about keys, i was really talking about certificates, anyway. sorry for being unclear about that.

The real problem is that Session only deals with string properties. Otherwise you could bind a fully-configured TrustManager into the session. Having mail.trustmanager.XXX properties sounds like a feasible workaround.

unless we introduce a hook for subclassing i would still have to change the source. i could do that, but maybe one of you guys has a better idea.

Are there use cases for this (tunnelling other inetlib protocols over SSL)?

pop3-over-ssl (on port 995) is the only thing i can think of right now. same thing, basically. is there an rfc on that?


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