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[cp-patches] javax.swing.SpinnerListModel

From: Andrew John Hughes
Subject: [cp-patches] javax.swing.SpinnerListModel
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 02:38:40 +0100
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Attached is an implementation of SpinnerListModel.  Just let me
know if this is okay to commit (to Classpath -- probably needs moving
to java-gui at some point).

I've tested it with a quick test class.  When I get chance, I'll have
a look at converting that into a Mauve test case for the class.

Another point also came up while hacking this one.  Is there a Classpath
policy on the toString() and equals() methods?  SpinnerListModel doesn't
have these implemented in Sun's version, but to me, it would seem sensible
to have such methods in place.  After all, they are fairly obvious --
basically just a class check and then equivalent lists for equals(),
and a printing of the list for toString().  Should I go ahead and add these

Andrew :-)

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