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RE: [cp-patches] FYI: Fix serialization of Class objects

From: Jeroen Frijters
Subject: RE: [cp-patches] FYI: Fix serialization of Class objects
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 09:38:26 +0100

Robert Schuster wrote:
> Would a bytecode verifier allow this? If not Mark's 
> implementation would be correct, isnt it?

The bytecode verifier doesn't concern itself with identifier names. The
class file parsing code checks the validity of identifiers, but these
checks only involve checking for disallowed characters (with the two
special cases of "<init>" and "<clinit>").

So yes, it is allowed to have class named "int", it would, however, not
surprise me if you'd run into various problems with the reflection
and/or serialization libraries with such a class.

BTW, I didn't really look at Mark's patch (or rather, I did but I didn't
take enough time to understand it), but I just tried it and it appears
to work fine for a class named "int".


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