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[cp-patches] Re: HTTPURLConnection redirects to absolute paths

From: Chris Burdess
Subject: [cp-patches] Re: HTTPURLConnection redirects to absolute paths
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 07:40:47 +0100

Mark Wielaard wrote:
I don't like this much, but if we are to accept malformed absolute URIs
I feel strongly that we should at least report the event as a warning.
Do we have a standard mechanism for reporting warning conditions? Is
System.err.println acceptable?

We currently don't. We could use java.util.logging. But that is a but
heavy-weight and not really tested in production. In this particular
case I would not really want to log or give a warning since it seems
such a common practise. (Maybe if we had a system property
gnu.classpath.standards.mode [lenient, warn, strict] that we could

OK, something to think about anyway.

I suggest the following patch to implement getErrorStream correctly:

2005-04-26  Chris Burdess  <address@hidden>

         * gnu/java/net/protocol/http/ Throw
         FileNotFoundException and implement getErrorStream on 404.

Thanks. That makes sense.

Could you commit both your patches?
Or I can do it. I would like to get this in before the next snapshot
release tomorrow because it breaks -link support for some people in the
new gjdoc.

I committed the last one last night. I won't have any time today until this evening so if you could do the first one that would be appreciated (NB the line numbers will be off now!).
Chris Burdess

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