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Re: [cp-patches] RFC: javax/swing/ (getExpandedDescendants): i

From: Jan Röhrich
Subject: Re: [cp-patches] RFC: javax/swing/ (getExpandedDescendants): implemented
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 20:13:33 +0200

> Cool. I am also working on much Swing stuff. This will be helpful. Maybe
> we should coordinate a little.

I want to make running
with classpath because there is a bug in Sun's Tiger using plaf and gtk
on linux an Sun was not interested in this bug for half a year now.

Matrixbrowser makes heavy use of user defined trees in combination with
plaf. So there is a lot of work to make it run with classpath.

> BTW: it looks as if your indentation not quite right. I will check the
> functionality later this evening or tomorrow.

That's right. I'm wondering why Eclipse can't manage per project code
I attached the same patch but now with an indentation of 2. I hope
that's right because the GNU Styleguide said 8 when I was looking for it
a few month ago.


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