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Re: [cp-patches] FYI: Fix for BoxLayout

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: [cp-patches] FYI: Fix for BoxLayout
Date: 29 Jun 2005 13:59:13 -0600
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>>>>> "Roman" == Roman Kennke <address@hidden> writes:

Roman> I have optimized this. Now no new array is allocated at all. A List
Roman> implementation is returned instead that iterates over the components
Roman> and returns only the visible ones. The List itself is cached in a
Roman> WeakHashMap, so multiple layouts for one Container will reuse the same
Roman> List impl, still if the Component (more precisely: its children array)
Roman> is no longer in use, it can be garbage collected.

This might be heavier than the original.
Probably I shouldn't have even mentioned all this and we should just
have stuck with something simple and clear, and then worried about
optimization (if even needed) later on.  Sorry for the noise...


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