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[cp-patches] RFC: misc NIO fixes

From: Casey Marshall
Subject: [cp-patches] RFC: misc NIO fixes
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 23:58:03 -0700


Attached is a patch I'd like to get some comments on, before I check it in, especially if anyone can spot holes in my C. This patch

- Implements, and the native methods needed for MappedByteBufferImpl. - Adds a bulk put implementation to DirectByteBufferImpl using memcpy. This resulted in a 10x speedup of that method on jamvm (it is almost as good as the Blackdown JVM 1.4.2). - Fixes a memory leak in the native implementation of the bulk 'get' method in VMDirectByteBuffer (it never called ReleaseByteArrayElements for the source array).

Ok? I might be too busy to get to this until next weekend.

(Apologies if the patch is 'application/octet-stream.' If anyone knows how to convince that '.patch' is text/plain or text/x- patch, I'd like to hear how.)

2005-07-18  Casey Marshall  <address@hidden>

    * (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): add "sys/mman.h".
    (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): add mmap and related functions.
    * include/java_nio_VMDirectByteBuffer.h: regenerated.
    * java/nio/ (put): new method.
    * native/jni/java-nio/gnu_java_nio_channels_FileChannelImpl.c
    (ALIGN_DOWN): new macro.
    (ALIGN_UP): new macro.
    (Java_gnu_java_nio_channels_FileChannelImpl_mapImpl): implemented.
    * native/jni/java-nio/java_nio_MappedByteBufferImpl.c: updated
    copyright years.
    (ALIGN_DOWN): new macro.
    (ALIGN_UP): new macro.
    (get_pagesize): new function.
    (get_raw_values): new function.
    (Java_java_nio_MappedByteBufferImpl_unmapImpl): implemented.
    (Java_java_nio_MappedByteBufferImpl_isLoadedImpl): implemented.
    (Java_java_nio_MappedByteBufferImpl_loadImpl): implemented.
    (Java_java_nio_MappedByteBufferImpl_forceImpl): implemented.
    * native/jni/java-nio/java_nio_VMDirectByteBuffer.c
    (Java_java_nio_VMDirectByteBuffer_put): renamed to
    call 'ReleaseByteArrayElements' on the source byte array elements.
    new method.
    * vm/reference/java/nio/
    (put): new method.

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