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[cp-patches] Enum#valueOf implementation

From: Ewout Prangsma
Subject: [cp-patches] Enum#valueOf implementation
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 19:53:03 +0200
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I've implemented java.lang.Enum#valueOf in the generics branch.

Can someone with CVS access verify and commit this.

PS. My FSF paperwork is all done.


 public static <S extends Enum<S>> Enum valueOf(Class<S> etype, String s) {
       if (etype == null || s == null)
           throw new NullPointerException();
       try {
           return (S) etype.getDeclaredField(s).get(null);
       } catch (NoSuchFieldException exception) {
           throw new IllegalArgumentException(s);
       } catch (IllegalAccessException exception) {
           throw new Error("Unable to access Enum class");

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