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Re: [cp-patches] RFC: New JCL helper functions for RawData handling

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: [cp-patches] RFC: New JCL helper functions for RawData handling
Date: 24 Jul 2005 12:25:20 -0600
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>>>>> "Guilhem" == Guilhem Lavaux <address@hidden> writes:

Guilhem> +      rawDataClass = (*env)->FindClass (env, 

>> At FOSDEM we talked about renaming these ... want to take it on?  :-)

Guilhem> Could you be more specific ? A link to the discussion ? I may
Guilhem> take it on but I need to know what was decided. ;-)

Maybe the discussion never got written down.  Or maybe I just made it
all up :-)

libgcj had a class named RawData before Classpath, but with different
semantics.  libgcj's RawData is not a wrapper for a pointer but is
instead a pointer itself, and it is specially treated by the compiler
and the garbage collector.

I've always thought it was confusing that Classpath had a class with
the same name but different semantics.

My suggestion would be to rename this class to Pointer, by analogy
with the other boxed types like Integer and Long.


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