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[cp-patches] Patch: SwingUtilities.replaceUIActionMap fixed

From: Anthony Balkissoon
Subject: [cp-patches] Patch: SwingUtilities.replaceUIActionMap fixed
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 15:39:13 -0500

As I reported in bug 24742:
SwingUtilities.replaceUIActionMap wasn't working properly.  This patch
fixes it and also fixes BasicListUI, BasicTableUI, and BasicTreeUI to
use ActionMapUIResource for their ActionMaps as they should.

2005-11-08  Anthony Balkissoon  <address@hidden>

        * javax/swing/
        (replaceUIActionMap): Stop climbing hierarchy once we've found an 
        ActionMapUIResource, don't keep looking until parent is null.  No need
        to check if child is null.
        (replaceUIInputMap): Use a local variable for the parent rather than 
        3 calls to get parent.  No need to check if child is null.
        * javax/swing/plaf/basic/
        * javax/swing/plaf/basic/
        * javax/swing/plaf/basic/
        (installKeyboardActions): UI ActionMap should be of type 
        ActionMapUIResource, not just ActionMap.


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