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[cp-patches] FYI: MetalTabbedPane colors

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: [cp-patches] FYI: MetalTabbedPane colors
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 23:07:14 +0000


I fixed up the colors used in the MetalTabbedPaneUI. I also had to add a
bit to OceanTheme, the MetalTabbedPaneUI can use a special UI property
if it's present.

BTW: A Mauve test for all the OceanTheme defaults is in preparation and
will be committed as soon as it's complete.

2005-11-19  Roman Kennke  <address@hidden>

        * javax/swing/plaf/metal/
        (paintTabBackground): Fixed colors for the tab background.
        * javax/swing/plaf/metal/
        (addCustomEntriesToTable): Added color modifications for


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