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[cp-patches] Patch: MetalFileChooserUI details view

From: Lillian Angel
Subject: [cp-patches] Patch: MetalFileChooserUI details view
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 17:19:46 -0500

I have started to implement the details view for the MetalFileChooser.
It is not yet complete.
- It doesn't update when the different control buttons are pressed
(home, up.. etc)
- It does not render the icons yet
- It does not have a doubleClickListener attached
- It does not have a singleClickListener attached (for editing)

The table appears when the details view control button is pressed.

Also, I implemented the functions to get the preferred and minimum
sizes. Since the wrapping for lists is not yet complete, the size is 
not right yet.

2005-11-28  Lillian Angel  <address@hidden>

        * javax/swing/plaf/metal/
        (DetailTableModel): New Class implemented to override selected
        methods in DefaultTableModel. More methods will be added later.
        (ListViewActionListener): New class implemented.
        (DetailViewActionListener): New class implemented.
        (completeEditing): Set boolean to false.
        (mouseClicked): Added check to make sure editing only starts 
        when left mouse button is clicked.
        (editFile): Set boolean to true.
        (actionPerformed): Set boolean to false.
        (createList): Commented out wrap code until JList bug is fixed.
        (createActionMap): Added action for cancelSelection.
        (createDetailsView): Partially implemented to display details 
        view table.
        (formatSize): Private function added to convert bytes to an
        appropriate size String for the table.
        (getPreferredSize): Implemented.
        (getMinimumSize): Implemented.
        (addControlButtons): Added action listeners for detailButton 
        and listButton.
        (setDirectorySelected): Added API documentation.
        (getDirectoryName): Likewise.
        (setDirectoryName): Likewise.
        (valueChanged): Likewise.

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