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Re: [cp-patches] Patch: Opening RandomAccessFiles requires excessive per

From: David Daney
Subject: Re: [cp-patches] Patch: Opening RandomAccessFiles requires excessive permission
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 09:38:42 -0800
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Gary Benson wrote:
Tom Tromey wrote:

"Twisti" == Christian Thalinger <address@hidden> writes:

Twisti> Yeah, i didn't take it personally :-) Of course i see your
Twisti> point, but what i'm trying to say is, if we ever want to
Twisti> catch up (or even be better) than sun or other proprietary
Twisti> JVMs, we should think about optimizing some "core" functions
Twisti> in classpath...

Yeah.  This is tricky for us since the various VMs differ.

That said, I think we've seen a number of performance fixes go in
during the last year, and for the most part these haven't been

In this particular case, I think RandomAccessFile is not used very
much.  I would only bother looking at optimizations in this code if
it showed up in a profile of some application.

Ok, so I'll commit my original patch for now.

I hate to sound like I have a burr under the saddle, but does anybody see any merit whatsoever in changing the exception text as I suggested in my previous response to the patch?

David Daney.

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