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Re: Collection classes as separate package for java 1.1

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re: Collection classes as separate package for java 1.1
Date: 03 Dec 2000 13:19:40 -0500
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"Jochen Hoenicke" <address@hidden> writes:

> On Jun 26, Brian Jones wrote:
ed> > Gnu decided the org.gnu.* part was simply redundant and shortened it to
> > gnu.*.  I would probably make it by default
> > and if it is possible it would be cool to provide the option of
> > packaging it as another package... either hardcoded to the sun package
> > name below or user changeable.
> Okay done.  COLLECTION_PACKAGE is now a Makefile variable.
> Since you have done many changes to, can you review the
> attached patch?  I have changed the JAVAC variable to not include the
> java files, so I can specify my own, but see the patch for details.

After spending some time today converting your script to simply a s
script executed by a shell script for each file and then trying to
compile the results I've noticed there are many dependencies on where x has to do with GetFields, PutFields, and other
serialization related stuff.  Based on this I do not think it will be
possible for us to release the collections classes in a way which is
meaningful to other users of Sun's 1.1.8 work.  If there is a reason
to finish this so it can be used on another 1.2 VM/class library other
than Classpath let me know.

Thanks for all the work Jochen and I'm sorry this took me so long to
get to.
Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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