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Re: Bug report

From: Bryce McKinlay
Subject: Re: Bug report
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 17:30:58 +1300

"Etienne M. Gagnon" wrote:

> I remember writing  on this list that java/awt/ is missing.
> Is there a plan to provide it, any time soon?  How are people running &
> testing other awt classes, if some of the key library classes are
> missing?

The non-peer part of the classpath AWT implementation is not being actively
developed. We are working on a new "JDK 1.3 compliant" AWT/Java2D
implementation in the libgcj tree. Unfortunately, this work cannot
currently be merged into classpath due to a licensing issue: Classpath's
AWT classes are LGPL while libgcj's, like the rest of classpath, uses the
GPL+exception license. Once this is resolved, I imagine that the libgcj AWT
will replace the existing classpath AWT.

> Anyway, here are the error messages I get (from jikes).  [This is a
> subset of all errors, as I did not attempt to compile all of Classpath's
> classes].
> Found 9 semantic errors compiling "java/io/":
>    399.   return(DataInputStream.convertToBoolean(byte_read));
>                  <----------------------------------------->
> *** Error: No method named "convertToBoolean" was found in type
> "java/io/DataInputStream".

The DataInputStream/RandomAccessFile errors are my fault - I merged some
classes from libgcj without checking the classpath build. I'm going to fix
this (and any other build errors I come across) soon.


  [ bryce ]

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