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RE: String/Hashtable bootstrapping problem

From: Cierniak, Michal
Subject: RE: String/Hashtable bootstrapping problem
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 22:07:50 -0700

> Ok, if anyone from these projects is reading, I'd like to ask:
> - Do you use the String and Hashtable classes as-is from Classpath?
> - If so, how do they get initialized if each needs the other to be
> initialized first?

In ORP ( we intern all strings in a hash table implemented
in C++, so we don't run in the problem described by you because our ldc
doesn't call any Java code.  

Currently, we use the implementation of java.lang.String.intern() provided
by GNU Classpath and that is a bug because that implementation interns
strings in a java.lang.Hashtable object, so the strings interned by ldc end
up in a different hash table than those interned by String.intern().  Fixing
this problem is on our list of things to do, but so far its priority has
been lower than other tasks we're working on.  We will fix it by providing
our own, native implementation of String.intern() which will use the same
hash table as ldc.


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