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Browseable CVS

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Browseable CVS
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 17:50:08 +0100


First, my question.  I am wondering if there is an online browseable version
of CVS, as I am currently behind a firewall and cannot access CVS directly.
Also, are there more frequent snapshots than the beta releases?

By way of information, I'm one of the core Jikes developers, and just signed
on to the Classpath mailing list to track what you are doing.  Jikes is an
open source Java language compiler, but is under IBM's open source license
rather than the GPL, and is included in most major Linux/GNU distros. (For that
matter, you may already be using jikes to compile Classpath).

At the moment, the Jikes project does not distribute a classpath with the
compiler, but assumes that users already have one; perhaps in the future
Jikes will recommend the Classpath project as a good open source alternative
to Sun.  In turn, you may wish to add a link to Jikes from the Classpath web
pages, such as under recommended programming tools (although I will
understand if you don't, since Jikes is not GNU or GPL).

Has anyone started work on adding java.lang.AssertionError?  I have just
submitted a patch to Jikes to support the assert statement, added in JDK
1.4, but do not yet have a free classpath to test it against.  I see the use
of the new assert statement as being useful in the Classpath project.

Eric Blake

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