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RE: small bug

From: Eric Blake
Subject: RE: small bug
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 17:31:15 +0100

Call me a miminalist, but this version does the same as your proposal with
less source and less bytecode:

public Object[] getSelectedObjects()
    return state ? new Object[] { getLabel() } : null;

Of course, this is taking your example out of context (I haven't looked at
AWT, and your patch isn't in unidiff).  You should consider resubmitting
your proposed patch in unidiff format against CVS; that makes it a lot
easier to apply.

Aha - before I sent this reply you posted another bug.  Yes, synchronized
classes are illegal.  Someone has probably been committing to CVS without
compiling (shame on them)...

Eric Blake, Elixent, Castlemead, Lwr Castle St., Bristol BS1 3AG, UK
address@hidden   tel:+44(0)117 917 5611

> -----Original Message-----
> From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden Behalf
> Of R.S. Veldema
> Sent: 18 July 2001 16:54
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: small bug
> Hi, im giving classpath's awt a go with my compiler,
> so checked a version out.
> One bug discovered thusfar:
> getsel-objs.
> should be
> public Object[]
> getSelectedObjects()
> {
>   if (state == false)
>     return(null);
>   Object[] obj = new Object[1];
>   obj[0] = getLabel();
>   return(obj);
> }

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