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Re: [Classpath] Re: Question about Boolean

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: [Classpath] Re: Question about Boolean
Date: 21 Jul 2001 00:03:55 -0600

>>>>> ">" == C Scott Ananian <address@hidden> writes:

>> class Boolean {
>>  Class TYPE = VMLoader.BooleanTYPE;
>> }

Currently the Classpath Boolean references VMClassLoader.
Our VMClassLoader is in a different package.
Also, our practice recently has been to not put nonstandard classes
into java.lang, regardless of access control.
However, maybe adding java.lang.VMClassLoader is worth it in order to
integrate more fully with Classpath.

>> with VMLoader on gcj being something like:
>> class VMLoader {
>>  Class BooleanTYPE = boolean.class;
>> }

>> and VMLoader on sane VMs being:

I assume you're characterizing libgcj as not-sane.  I disagree with
this characterization.

>> This has a total time over head of *nine loads*, executed *once* at
>> the beginning of the program.  Total space overhead is *nine words*
>> (eleven, if you need a header for VMLoader).  I think even your 28K
>> system can get by with this.

I think you're right.
However, I tend to be very cautious when modifying certain parts of
libgcj.  At first I thought that perhaps there was some deeper hidden
use of Integer.TYPE.  But there isn't.


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