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Re: Back from vacation/Status (1.4 Throwable and java.util.prefs)

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re: Back from vacation/Status (1.4 Throwable and java.util.prefs)
Date: 03 Sep 2001 21:11:40 -0400
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> > No, it's TBD before 0.03.  The archives have various messages where
> > people indicate this.  Some of the VMs are listed on our website.  At
> > the moment each tends to distribute their own version of classpath.
> > This should be fixed to make things easier for users.
> OK. I will go through the archive and try to make a list.


> Do you have a list of tasks to be done for 0.0.3?
> At the moment I am working on new classes and functionality (Throwable
> chaining and prefs) but if we are working towards a new release that might
> not be the most productive. What can I do for the release?

I'd like to be able to build classpath for something other than
Japhar.  Second I'd like to incorporate enough outstanding patches to
execute the various benchmarks and other reasonably trivial apps.
This is mostly a bug fixing exercise.  I think these two would make
releasing something meaningful.

> OK. I will add the classes to the standard.omit list. Is that enough?

That should be enough.

> I do want to enable them as soon as I have implemented the event support.
> Even though the current backend is only memory based and importing and
> exporting only works if the keys/values don't contain 'strange' characters,
> it does work correctly otherwise.

Sure.  You should think about writing some basic Mauve tests that
would work when your implementation works.  Contributing to Mauve is

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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