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Re: Jaos, a JVM for Oberon

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re: Jaos, a JVM for Oberon
Date: 08 Nov 2001 19:16:21 -0500
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address@hidden writes:

> I'm working on the ETH Oberon System (
> Oberon is both a language and an OS. Our language is a pragmatical mix
> between imperative and object oriented language, is strongly typed,
> is garbage collected, and has active objects. The modules are
> dynamically loaded. The underlying kernel supports those features.

Thank you for sharing information about your work.
> Now that the project is nearing a mature state, I'm considering about
> releasing it, but first our legal department must give its opinion,
> and I'm not sure if I'll be able to use an open source license,
> if any probably BSD (without adv.), under which we released the previous
> version of the system.

I hope that is resolved more easily than our current license
discussion on this mailing list.

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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