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Re: State of AWT?

From: Aaron M. Renn
Subject: Re: State of AWT?
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 09:53:32 -0600
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Tom Tromey (address@hidden) wrote:
> However, I'd prefer not to do too much damage to the Classpath AWT
> during the merge.  Is it possible to run the Classpath AWT?  If so,
> how?  Also, is there a list of known bugs?  I looked around a little
> but didn't see a test suite.

There are two main components: the GTK+ peers and the main 1.1 AWT.  The
peers were written by Paul Fisher and where orginally designed to work
under the JDK, so I believe he was at least able to test that they
basically worked.  The main java.awt.* classes were mostly written by
me.  I banged them in as fast as I could and only debugged them to the
point on compilation.  I've actually never gotten more than blank
frame to appear on the screen.  Some others have gotten a bit further.
Regardless, this code is very raw.  I suspended work on it because of
the merger and licensing issues.  Now would be a very good time for
people to pick things back up.

Aaron M. Renn (address@hidden)

"We have a choice, either to change the way we live, which is unacceptable, 
or to change the way that they live, and we chose the latter."
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