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Re: nio package and asynchronous io

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: nio package and asynchronous io
Date: 04 Feb 2002 17:57:09 +0000

Jakob Praher <address@hidden> writes:

> Am Mon, 2002-02-04 um 18.39 schrieb Nic Ferrier: 
> > Jakob Praher <address@hidden> writes: 
> >  
> > > hi all,  
> > >   
> > > do you have any plan on adding nio support and asynchronous io to the  
> > > classpath project?  
> > > if yes what is your agenda on this subject.  
> > >   
> >  
> > I have done a little bit of work for GCJ with this. 
> cool. - is it anywhere I can look at it? 

Sorry, no. It's not ready for public consumption.

> Have you also looked at the new Buffers that are available in
> merlin? 

Nope. What's merlin? Is that what Sun call 1.4?

> > Unfortunately I haven't had any time recently to look at it but it's 
> > very much in my mind because I'm also the developer of GNU-Paperclips 
> > (a servlet engine). 
> yeah - this thing could improve the performance of socket based servers 
> quite abit - I have played with the Selector API abit and it looks like 
> a huge performance plus. 

Actually, it won't make *that* much difference to servlet
engines. Servlets can only gain from connection nbio (not read and
write) and I imagine that read and write nbio are at least as
important to connection performance.

> btw: 
> do have any experience with the orp vm? 
> what's the performance compared to the client/server hotspot vms? 

I don't use ORP although I am compiling it to see how well it works.

I suggest you do the same and then you can answer your own question!


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