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Re: did cvs add/commit for java.nio and javax.swing

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: did cvs add/commit for java.nio and javax.swing
Date: 11 Mar 2002 17:39:20 +0100


On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 17:02, R.S. Veldema wrote:
> I added my embryonic javax.swing implementation to classpath's cvs.
> but:
>     - haven't patched any makefiles etc so it does not build
>         (and thus it should not be in the way of anyone either !)
It doesn't conflict since javax.swing is in the lib/standard.omit file
at the moment. The build automatically picks up all the java files added
to the java(x)/gnu directories except when they are listed in the
lib/standard.omit file.

> Also added java.nio.*.
>         - haven't patched any makefiles etc so it does not build
Actually it did build (and failed). I have added the java.nio package to
the lib/standard.omit file. A fresh checkout now builds again (and
ignores your javax.swing and java.nio files for the moment).

You should also make a ChangeLog entry in the top level ChangeLog file.
Please yell if the examples already in that file are not enough to
create one.

>         - haven't added the native side yet to classpath's cvs.
>             (i still need to figure out how you guys did automake/conf/etc,
>    native side handling  to allow 
> java.nio.SocketChannel to work properly)
>         - needs jvm support for efficiency
>               (jit's needs to test if a nio method is called and then 
> inline some code, otherwise
>             each get-byte will go through the jni layers I did)
Do you have a default VM which you use to test this? How is it handled
in that case?

> Ps, still busy trying to get this thing to build __at all__

Let us know what goes wrong. When you are on a recent GNU/Linux platform
it should not be hard to get it to build when you install a recent
jikes, gcj and autotools and follow the instructions in the HACKING
file. Getting it to build on Windows seems to be a challenge though.



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