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Re: Patch 184 (FileURLConnection formatting changes)

From: nicferrier
Subject: Re: Patch 184 (FileURLConnection formatting changes)
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:30:50 -0000

> Although there is nothing wrong with adding methods to
> gnu/java/net/protocol/file/; it could create
> problems for users expecting support for the continued usability of
> methods unrelated to the public API we're attempting to be compatible
> with.  Maybe if you could explain why you need those methods in
> gnu/java/net/.../FileURLConnection and what they are it will make more
> sense to me.  It seems like you should be trying to use the public API
> provided rather than distort some particular backend of our
> implementation.

The methods I want to add only supplement the existing interface. I will
submit a patch and you can take a look at it but they are essentially two
things I was trying to achieve:

- add a listing framework to the class, this is to support servlet container
- implement meta methods for Files, eg: getLastModified.

When I've done the formatting changes I'll submit another patch. It's fine
if you don't approve it because I can deliver it with Paperclips.


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