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Re: Kissme and Classpath

From: Stephen Crawley
Subject: Re: Kissme and Classpath
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 12:30:43 +1000

> I did go through all the testlet class. but just don't know how am I go
> about creating test. ( Is there anyone working on something related to
> mauve and able to shine me some light )
> 1) When I making a test ( e.g. just like
> gnu/testlet/java/io/File/ ) how do
> I find out the class info? Should I look at Java Spec? or Just the
> ClassPath code?

I think you should start by reading the J2SDK 1.4 javadoc carefully, in
conjunction with older JDK javadocs and other Sun sources. Then build
your tests according to the spec.  If you look at the ClassPath
implementation, only use it to look for ideas on what to test.  Don't
use it to find out how the method ought to behave.

If it is unclear from the JDK javadoc how a particular method ought to
behave, run your test case code against some Sun implementations.
Ultimately, the aim is for 100% (bug for bug) compatibility with the
relevant Sun implementations.  The behaviour of the Sun implementations
are definitive.

> 2) if the function is depreciated, should I build test for it?

Given that people's code often relies on deprecated methods, yes.

-- Steve

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