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Re: [Classpath] AWT progress

From: C. Scott Ananian
Subject: Re: [Classpath] AWT progress
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:40:38 -0400 (EDT)

On 17 Jul 2002, John Leuner wrote:

> Does FLEX have special requirements on the class library or it is it a
> normal java application? Or is it something beyond that?

It's a *research* Java-to-native compiler.  "Research" means that it isn't
fast, doesn't care about separate compilation, and it's written to be a
good platform for investigating Java *analysis* --- not necessarily to be
the most practical day-to-day compiler.  But, as the fate of all Java
research projects, it needs a runtime and class library implementation
to be useful.  Currently it is built around the bytecode of Sun's JDK
1.1.x class libraries, with lots of hacks around the edges to make most
java 1.2 apps run.  But Sun's license doesn't let us redistribute the
class libraries (we have to make people hunt them down on Sun's site and
extract them themselves), which is a pain in the neck.

> There probably were potential circular dependencies, but I think the old
> kissme code was capable of locking up even without them.

OK.  Flex handles circular dependencies in the class initializers
properly; I was just hunting to see (in advance) if there were any special
compilation issues I should be aware of.

> > DC Legion of Doom Japan spy quiche Moscow domestic disruption C4 SLBM 
> > planning Shoal Bay shortwave assassination early warning affinity group 
> I didn't know "Japan" and "Moscow" were still dirty words.

historical purposes; i couldn't bear to throw out anything from the
original emacs 'spook' file. =)  it helps to put today's "dirty words"
in context.

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