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From: Giannis Georgalis
Subject: (BETA)
Date: 21 Sep 2002 16:40:02 +0300
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Hello again,

After some useful comments and a bug report by Michael Koch,
0.0.1 (BETA) now works in the following ways:

*  Handles interfaces correctly ... Give me some help here; When you 
  have a public interface do all the methods-fields default to "public"?
  I always explicitly declare them "public", but that's not the case in
  eg. (is that a valid declaration?)
  (Thanks Michael)

*  Extracts the exceptions (from the source code of eg. GNU classpath)
  from javadoc comments and _not_ from the methods (or constructors)
  signature. Doing the same for the api documentation, makes it
  report (correctly?) both checked and unchecked exceptions.

*  It still doesn't handle declarations (in .java source) of the type
  "type ID[]", and I did it on purpose because I think declaring it like
  this is a bad style as ID is *not* an array of type "type" (like C/C++ 
  arrays,for example), but a *reference* to an array object of type "type".
  But If you are *not* in any way willing to declare them as "type[] ID",
  I will fix it ...

*  It ignores the "native" keyword from the source code.

*  It features even *more* unimaginative variable names :)

TODO: if you have a method that declares eg:
        @throws NullPointerException and
        @throws IOException. Is not handled correctly if on the manual they
      appear in a different order, eg. throws:
                                        IOException blah, blah
                                        NullPointerException blah, blah.
I think I'll fix that some time today... and I'll change the version to 0.0.1
(that is without any greek letter in parentheses :))

Note, that Japitools is more professional and it does the same job. Give it a
try, it has more features than (which was made to relieve myself from
the tedious work of looking up in the api every single method, not knowing the
existance of Japitools.). I will contribute to Japitools's  html 
However I am willing to continue to fix bugs and add futures to if you
ask me to, as it is neither difficult nor time consuming for me to do so...


PS. You can always find the newest version at
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Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
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