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Re: mauve results posted nightly

From: Stuart Ballard
Subject: Re: mauve results posted nightly
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:58:59 -0500
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Brian Jones wrote:
Stuart Ballard <address@hidden> writes:

The only problem I recall is that you can't use Collections with a
1.1-only JVM due to the use of non-1.1 functionality in other
packages.  In my case it turned out you can run japize with any Java 2
JVM to inspect bytecode.  I'm looking forward (not) to figuring out
what needs improving in Kissme's reflection support so that it (a)
passes all those Mauve tests and (b) can help me test Classpath's
serialization compliance.

Oh, so you can run japize with kissme+classpath? (japize doesn't use reflection at all any more, and I think mostly even avoids the situations where jode would use it as a fallback...)

I'm sure being able to run serialize is a bit further off, but I don't think japize has any requirements that should be particularly tough for kissme+classpath to meet (apart from my mistaken recollection that subSet was non-functional - that must be just Kaffe).

It'd be great to be able to document at least one free VM that can run Japize...


Stuart Ballard, Programmer
NetReach - Internet Solutions
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