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GNU Classpath 0.05 Released

From: Brian Jones
Subject: GNU Classpath 0.05 Released
Date: 16 Feb 2003 20:08:41 -0500
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Thanks to all the hard work of so many of you, GNU Classpath 0.05 has
been released.

We are pleased to announce a new development release of GNU Classpath.
GNU Classpath, Essential Libraries for Java, is a project to create free
core class libraries for use with virtual machines and compilers for the
Java language.

GNU Classpath 0.05 can be downloaded from

About Classpath 0.05:

        * Supports free Java VMs including Jikes RVM, 
          Kissme, and perhaps others out of the box, but please refer
          to each VM's documentation on how to use GNU Classpath with 
          the VM.
        * Support GNU Crypto as the official provider of cryptographic
          primitives and tools
        * Support the GNU Classpath Tools sub-project of GNU Classpath as
          official provider of standard tools such as gjdoc, a javadoc
          replacement, and others
        * Additional bug fixes and patches
        * Includes pre-compiled and gjdoc API documentation

Bugs Fixed in Classpath 0.05:

ID   DATE              TITLE
---- ----------------- -----------------------------------------------------
 744 2002-Jun-24 15:56 is broken  
 750 2002-Jun-25 10:06 is broken
 771 2002-Jun-27 16:09 bug in
 777 2002-Jun-28 16:41 bug in java.text.MessageFormat.format(Object[], ...
 783 2002-Jul-01 10:09 should extend jav...
 789 2002-Jul-02 10:19 broken for zer...
 790 2002-Jul-02 13:50 exception
 791 2002-Jul-02 13:51 exception
 835 2002-Jul-09 20:23 Incorrect implementation of
 891 2002-Jul-22 16:46 String java.lang.Long.toHexString(long) drops di...
 901 2002-Jul-24 15:15 String.trim off by one on lead whitespace
 925 2002-Jul-30 17:38 ZipFile.readEntries' bad perfomace for archives ...
 963 2002-Aug-08 07:42 File link on savannah doesn't work
 974 2002-Aug-09 10:42 REQUEST: Update to Classpath webpage
 976 2002-Aug-11 13:38 Missing GPL exception and missing Copyright stat...
 998 2002-Aug-15 04:13 classpath/vm/reference/java/lang/ ...
1028 2002-Aug-19 04:58 ClassCastException thrown for MessageDigestSpi s...
1132 2002-Sep-05 06:11 classpath/gnu/java/util/prefs/
1190 2002-Sep-12 12:16 seeks past EOF
1862 2002-Dec-03 03:54 incorrect behaviour of getP() for DSA keys and p...
1921 2002-Dec-07 10:50 Bug in resource loading
1953 2002-Dec-11 16:33 LineNumberReader incorrect use of PushbackReader
1966 2002-Dec-12 09:56 missing
2105 2003-Jan-01 12:34 String.getBytes("UTF8") broken for non-zero offs...
2192 2003-Jan-12 11:18 "make install" fails in docs/api directory

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this project
and this release.

1). What is required to build/install/run?

GNU Classpath requires a working GNU build environment and a byte code
compiler such as jikes, gcj or kjc. When creating native code you will
also need a working C compiler and up to date Gnome development libraries
(gtk+, libart and gdk-pixbuf). More information on the precise version
numbers for the tools and libraries can be found in the INSTALL file.

2). What platforms are supported?

GNU/Linux is the only platform that has been tested. We plan to
eventually support many others.

3). Who should use this software?

Although it is already capable of supporting many Java applications,
this is a development release. As such, there are still many unfinished
components, and some problems are to be expected. You should install it
if you are interested in Classpath development or reporting bugs. We
appreciate both.

4). Where do I go for more information?

The project home page with information on our mailing list can be found at or

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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