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Datagram sockets: SO_BROADCAST

From: Dr. Torsten Rupp
Subject: Datagram sockets: SO_BROADCAST
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:51:15 +0200
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Dear Classpath members,

it seems the behaviour of the Classpath implementaiton of datagram
sockets and sending broadcast messages is different from the
implementation in the Sun JDK API. I detected that the Sun
implementation set the socket option SO_BROADCAST for a datagram
socket by default. Thus a broadcast message can be send via
DatagramSocket.send(). With the current Classpath implementation
I get an error code "permission denied" (after some tries, because
all errors during a send()-call are mapped to an "internal error
only" - which is not very useful). By adding setsockopt(...,SO_BROADCASST,...) in the function _javanet_create()
is seems to run. Is this modification ok?



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