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Re: NYIException

From: Ingo Prötel
Subject: Re: NYIException
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 16:53:51 +0200
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Hi Sascha,

Sascha Brawer wrote:
Ingo Prötel <address@hidden> wrote on Tue, 23 Sep 2003 16:56:23 +0200:

I would like to again propose a standard NYIException to be used in Classpath.



Are you sure about this package name?

This should be
package gnu.classpath;

public class NYIException extends UnsupportedOperationException

I'd favor "NotYetImplementedException". Class names tend to be very
verbose in Java, and IMHO it would make sense to follow that style.

We can certainly do this. I also appreciate if an exception name already describes the problem. But I also must caution against using too long names. Especially for classes with inner classes. Such Classes result in very long class-filenames. Some Systems have hard limits on these names.
Something like: Collections$UnmodifiableMap$UnmodifiableEntrySet$1$1.class
will not work on a QNX system with a limit of 48 chars in a filename.

But since this will likely not be a problem on an exception I will take the long name.


-- Sascha

Sascha Brawer, address@hidden,

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