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Re: NYIException

From: Sascha Brawer
Subject: Re: NYIException
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 14:38:30 +0200

Andy Walter <address@hidden> wrote on Fri, 26 Sep 2003 12:50:20 +0200:

>> > [NotYetImplementedException]
>> Not sure we even need the extra exception type, just finding all the
>> spots to throw the UnsupportedOperationException and doing that would
>> probably be more than enough.
>The motivation is that, while we currently cannot even tell what methods are 
>missing, with such a NotYetImplementedException and subclasses 
>NotYetImplementedException_1_2, NotYetImplementedException_1_3, and 
>NotYetImplementedException_1_4 we would be able to write a script similar to 
>JAPI tools that gives an overview about how complete Classpath is according 
>to a certain JDK specification. We'd like to go through the classes and 
>annotate what features are not yet implemented (completely). When we do it 
>this way, it is no additional effort to annotate the corresponding 
>specification version, which will be some really valueable information
in the 

What would you say about defining a special Javadoc tag, such as the

 * @unimplemented 1.4 Here comes some explanation.

It would not be too difficult to write a special doclet for the purpose
of generating a document that summarizes the implementation status. Plus,
it would be possible to document what exactly is not implemented, the
reason, etc. The explanation text would also go into the generated
documentation files.

-- Sascha

Sascha Brawer, address@hidden, 

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