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From: Andrew Haley
Subject: RMI and JOnAS
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 10:36:08 +0000

JOnAS ( is, as you may know, the Open
Source implementation by ObjectWeb of the J2EE(TM) specification.

We're having trouble with running it.  The basic problem is (quoth
Simon Nieuviarts) "because Carol is an improvement or a replacement of
RMI. As such, it needs to plug low in the ORB in functions that are
not intended to be exported to the end user. AFAIK, without the use of
internal classes you can not implement mechanisms like interceptors
which propagate transaction contexts."  To do this, carol uses classes
in sun.rmi.transport.*.

What I would like to do is define an interface in Classpath which
exposes the functionality that JOnAS needs.

Trouble is, I know zip about RMI.


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