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Current unsynced patches between kaffe and GNU Classpath

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Current unsynced patches between kaffe and GNU Classpath
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 15:54:41 +0100
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Hi all,

I resynced Kaffe from GNU Classpath today, so I created a list of
differences, that should be helpful in deciding what to merge back into
GNU Classpath.

a) gnu/java/io/

        Ito's fixes for the Classpath encoding manager to use Kaffe's libiconv
based setup. See

        2004-01-30  Ito Kazumitsu <address@hidden>

        * libraries/javalib/gnu/java/io/
        Don't use static initializers because it causes stack overflow.

        2004-01-19  Ito Kazumitsu <address@hidden>

        * kaffe/libraries/javalib/gnu/java/io/
        Copied froGNClasspath and modified for use with kaffe.

b) gnu/java/locale/,

        Small single line differences.

        2004-01-11  Guilhem Lavaux <address@hidden>

        * libraries/javalib/gnu/java/locale/,
        date symbols.

c) gnu/java/net/protocol/file/

        We are using the file handler from gcj, afaik. That explains the huge 

d) gnu/java/nio/, gnu/java/nio/

        Trivial differences due to different names of native libraries. Using a
runtime dependant VMLibNames interface of public static final Strings
would be a simple way to solve this for all VMs.

e) java/awt/

        Differences since Color needs to interface with Kaffe's own AWT

f) java/beans/

        Should be merged into GNU Classpath.

        2004-01-22  Mark Wielaard  <address@hidden>

        Fix for Maven 1.0-rc1.

        * libraries/javalib/java/beans/
        (BeanDescriptor): Set the FeatureDescriptor programmatic name.

g) java/io/

        Fix for Azureus bit torrent client. It wants to mark(Integer.MAX_VALUE)
on a stream, so instead of increasing the buffer to the mark size
instantly, we increase the buffer as necessary.

        2004-03-06  Guilhem Lavaux <address@hidden>

        * libraries/javalib/java/io/
        (mark, refill) Make an incremental mark buffer allocation.
        New field marktarget, CHUNKSIZE.

h) java/io/

        Native library naming differences. Kaffe also has a  File(URI uri),
toURI and a delete on Exit implementation, that could go into GNU
Classpath. There is also a difference in the  File(File directory,
String name) constructor that Guilhem may be more familiar with.

i) java/io/,

        Native library naming differences.

j) java/io/

        Some security provider weirdness.

k) java/lang/

        Kaffe doesn't use VMClassLoader interface from GNU Classpath yet.

l) java/net/

        Various patches by Guilhem

m) java/text/

        Small typo correction.

n) java/text/

        Small fix for FOP

o) java/text/,

        Various patches by Guilhem

That's about it. I'll check in some small stuff (n, m, g, f). The text changes should be synchronized between Michael Koch and Guilhem, the networking changes may need more work before they are ready for GNU Classpath.

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