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Re: Debugging acronyms

From: C. Brian Jones
Subject: Re: Debugging acronyms
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 09:27:19 -0500

On Sun, 2004-03-14 at 07:12, Sascha Brawer wrote:

> (b): As a client-side API, any JDI implementation should run on all VMs.
> A free application that depends on JDI is JSwat, a GPL-ed graphical
> debugger. Right now, there are also other things missing from Classpath
> that would prevent JSwat from running on a free JVM, but with Swing
> coming, JDI will probably be the largest missing part.
>   <>

It may be easier to test/work with JMP,,
since it is written in C and uses GTK for a GUI interface.  Of course at
some point working with jswat would be sweet.  Assuming gdb could work
with some sort of plugin then that would make ddd work as well though I
think you could write a 'jdb' type program to make that work as well if
getting gdb to work is a complete pain.


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